Tailwaggers Dog Resort "a place where friends meet"

est. 2011 - sold 2018 

(949) 343-0000

In 2009 I started on my business plan for a dog resort. In 2011 I moved to St. Simons Island, GA from Atlanta with my children (I have custody) because my parents live there and they would help with my children as I pursued my goals. Island Tailwaggers was born.....

(949) 343-0000

In 2018 I moved to Southern California and reinvented I Speak Dog. I started solely training dogs (mostly people) and sold Island Tailwaggers in 2018 once I determined that California was the place for me! 

von der Stark Rottweilers - "of the strong/powerful"

est. 2000 - 2015 

Rottweiler Handler/Breeder/Trainer

My first dog was a Rottweiler named Barin in 1998. He was a rescue that passed shortly after from bone cancer. I then rescued another Rottweiler named Zues. He also passed with bone cancer. After he passed I purchased my first AKC registered Rottweiler named Sasha. She passed after 4 years from intestinal cancer. I knew it was time to start looking into healthy dogs and that led me into the show/trial world. I started going to shows and learning from the best handlers in the country. I then started importing dogs and really getting into the dog show and dog breeding world. After getting full custody of my two infants at the time I decided to drop out of my law program in college and pursue a professional career in dogs. I started teaching classes from the knowledge I gained from mentors and dog trainers in the US and Europe. I kept doing individual lessons and expanding of my ideas within the dog world.  I morphed into a dog day care and training center. I expanded that down to St. Simons Island and then expanded again into a full Dog Resort.  After a decade of doing that I decided to only focus on the training of owners and their dogs and moved to Southern California and sold my Dog Resort. 

I currently own my 30th adult Rottweiler. My dogs have titles in Breed Suitability Tests, Schutzhund, Therapy, Herding, Conformation &  Obedience. I have produced dogs that have only contributed to the health and function of the breed. I sold a dog to Istanbul, Turkey that was one of the top females in Europe. I have several dogs in Canada, Costa Rica, and many top dogs in the US.