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The best photo I ever took of Bhaji

2009 - Atlanta, GA

I am a one man operation.  I am usually in back to back lessons from 9am till 7pm M-F with about 10-15 minutes in between lessons.  This doesn't give me a lot of time to return calls right away as calls to new clients tend to be 15-20 minutes. Text is the best way to contact to get a faster response. We can then set up a time to chat if needed. 

Tommy Stark

Phone: 949-343-0000



Instagram: @ocdogtrainer

Facebook: @dogtraineroc


My favorite dog - Bhaji

2018 - San Clemente, CA

"Customer Service #1" 

My receptionist, Alana,  at my old dog resort

2014 - Tailwaggers - St. Simons Island, GA