Education & Early Career

  • Self-taught
  • Studied every USRC Rottweiler Quarterly from 1986 to 2003 and studied pedigrees, show results, and cataloged genetic markers in certain pedigrees for dominant and recessive genes in offspring.
  • Heard and read critiques on thousands of Rottweilers in person.
  • True Mentors that gave me countless hours of their time and knowledge.
  • Studied Psychology, Business, and Law in College 
  • Trained dogs as a hobby during college.
  • Started Canine Behavior Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia (2003-2007)
  • Started iSpeak Dog!  (2007-Current) - I just liked the name better but it was a turning point
  • Worked at PetSmart as an Area Trainer - Trained the trainers for 7 stores (2007-2009)
  • Observed 10-90 dogs interacting everyday for 20 years. Observed pack interaction over 30,000 hours in the day care years with every breed you can think of. 

Breeding Rottweilers (2006-Present, Currently Inactive)

  • Officially began von der Stark Rottweilers in 2006, focusing on producing the "Complete Rottweiler."
  • Extensive research and evaluation in selecting breeding pairs; sometimes involving importing semen or traveling internationally for live breeding.
  • Breeding pairs had all health clearances (OFA-CHIC) on all dogs, with all dogs having working titles or breed suitability test in addition to championships or multi V1 ratings 
  • Owned 30 adult Rottweilers and co-owned countless others
  • Have had and raised 112 puppies (survived) 
  • Breedings only took place if the breeding pair had a good probability of producing better than the parents in all 3 important factors: #1 Health, #2 Temperament/Workability, #3 Structure/Looks 
  • Bred to the German ADRK standard

Daycare/Boarding/Training/Grooming (2009-2017)

  • Moved to St. Simons Island and started Paws at Play (2011)
  • Opened Tailwaggers, a dog resort with daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and retail (2014)
  • Hosted over 11,000 clients at my facilities from 2011 to 2017
  • Worked 7am to 7pm every day, overseeing and managing the facilities, staff, and dog packs

Achievements & Contributions

  • Featured in newspapers, magazines, newsletters (international for Rottweilers) for training and facilities
  • Elegant Island Living - Best Dog Daycare
  • Main speaker at Art Unleashed, charity event for Humane Society and Glynn County Art - My topic was "The Art of Dog Training"
  • Helped many rescue organizations, animal shelters, humane societies with staff training and handling troubled cases.
  • Hosted and oversaw many events
  • Accredited and certified 42 dog trainers
  • Trained over 120 people to handle packs of dogs and read body postures in a daycare setting
  • Given over 2000 injections to dogs
  • Handled internationally for trials and shows for over 10 years - hundreds of shows received several breeding achievement awards, showing awards, and training rewards.
  • Handled and Trained around 20,000 dogs through group and private lessons.
  • Expert witness in court cases involving testimony for behavioral cases in GA, FL, an CA.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator - since 2006
  • Member of the United States Rottweiler Club
  • Member of the American Rottweiler Club
  • Member of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK)
  • Professional (5+ years) Member of International Association of Canine Professionals
  • I'm sure there's more..


  • Fed a B.A.R.F. diet to my dogs before premade versions were available, balancing diets of 8-20 competition dogs at any one time. 
  • One mentor I Ph.D. in Canine Digestion.
  • Consulted with thousands of people on the subject of nutrition, solving issues often overlooked by veterinarians
  • Recognize nutrition as a root cause of many behavioral issues
  • Started all puppies on raw diets and balanced them per puppy.

Move to California (2018-Present)

  • Moved to Dana Point, California and restarted my business from scratch
  • Started co-hosting monthly community pack walks with Emily Haley - The Dog Listener in 2019. Regularly have over 150 dog at every walk. Orange County Register did an article on the walk in the Summer of 2022 with 167 dogs present. 
  • Opened a Private membership only dog park on Mothers day 2023 named after my mom Dee. Dee Dog Park.

My Story, Experience, and Methods

In the late '90s, my journey into the world of canine behavior began with my Rottweiler, Barin. His intelligence and loyalty sparked my interest, leading me to dive deep into understanding the intricate world of dog behavior and breeding. I devoted myself to studying pedigrees, genetics, and dog behavior, studying old competition results internationally. This marked the beginning of my journey, a path that led me from a passionate enthusiast to a certified professional.


In 2003, I took the first step in turning my passion into a profession, starting Canine Behavior Solutions. This venture was my first foray into behavior modification and consulting. The challenges I encountered further spurred my thirst for knowledge and honed my skills in handling various dog behavior issues.


4 years later, in 2007, I broadened my reach with the establishment of I Speak Dog. This was an endeavor to address more severe behavioral issues, applying the knowledge I had gained from my studies and experience. This was also during the “Dog Whisperer” days and everyone called me that. My response was always, “I don’t whisper, I speak” – and then it just kind of stuck.


My pursuit of understanding the world of dogs didn't stop there. I ventured into the world of dog breeding in 2006, establishing von der Stark Rottweilers. My approach to breeding was meticulous and deeply researched. I would spend months researching the perfect stud dog to complement my female, considering their genetics, potential faults, and qualities. The process was intensive, involving international semen imports or even personally travelling to Europe for live breedings. I never bred to anything from American lines. That means even one generation unless it was my bloodline. Every breeding I ever did can be traced all the way back to the 3 Rottweilers from 1911 that were revamped as police dogs. I took this very seriously. The dedication didn't stop at conception, as I ensured the optimal nutrition and conditioning of the female, closely monitored the whelping process, and spent weeks nurturing the newborn pups.


Parallel to my breeding business, I began working on a business plan for a dog resort in 2009. My initial plan was to set up in Atlanta, but a visit to my parents on St. Simons Island in 2010 revealed a lack of quality daycare and training centers in the area. Seeing an opportunity, I moved my operations to the island and established Paws at Play in 2011, providing services such as training, daycare, and boarding. The journey was challenging, but my persistence led to success, and by 2014, I was able to expand to a larger facility and add more services, creating a dog resort called Tailwaggers.


Throughout this journey, my focus remained on offering the best quality services to my clients. Whether it was grooming, boarding, or retail, I always strived for the highest standards. This commitment to quality was reflected in my approach to nutrition. I had fed a B.A.R.F. diet to my dogs for years, balancing the diets of numerous top athlete dogs, each with a unique diet. Plus all of the puppy diets on raw. This expertise in nutrition allowed me to consult with thousands of people, helping resolve issues ranging from allergies to weight problems.


Over the years, I've trained and certified numerous dog trainers, groomed various breeds, handled dogs in international trials and shows, and worked with rescue organizations and shelters. I've received numerous awards and recognitions for my work, but the joy of working with dogs and helping people understand them has always been my greatest reward.


In 2018, I decided to take on a new adventure, moving to California with my faithful companion Bhaji. I started anew, building my reputation from the ground up once again. As I reflect on my journey, I can't help but feel grateful for the experiences, the challenges, and most importantly, the dogs that have been a part of my life.​


My Story