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Intermediate/Workshop Course

Next Series Starts March 4th 10:30am (must be approved)

Focus based heeling. The class is a workshop that focuses on a bonding experience between the handler and the dog.  Further reinforcing the iSpeak Dog! teachings. Each dog is specific and that is what the class builds on. Every dog learns at different speeds so each dog and handler will have their own set curriculum designed for their level of training. Distance, Distraction, and Duration is the focus of the class. Dogs will be ready for AKC Rally/OB events after this course.

Cost for 5 sessions is $400

Beginner Group Class

Next Series Starts March 4th at 9am

Dog obedience and manners informative course. How dogs learn, Potty Training, Crate training, Jumping, Focus, Sit, Down, Leave it, Take it, Drop it, Stay, Loose leash walking, Nutrition, How to read opposing dogs, Socialization and Introduction to heel. Class comes with curriculum and the iSpeak Dog Training video. Dogs will be ready for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test after this course. 

First dog training class is always FREE. No obligation to sign up after the first dog training class. Dog training classes are held at Lantern Bay County Park in Dana Point.

Cost for the 5 week course is $400.


Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point