​​Int. Ch, Multi V-1, Multi BOB, V5 IFR World Championships, NIRK y. Ch.  Multi y. Sieger

Konigliche "Bhaji" von der Stark


OFA Hips - Good

 OFA Elbows (DJD1)

 OFA Heart - Normal (Cardiologist)

OFA Eyes - Normal (Opthomalogist)

​7/2/2008 - 8/9/2019 (My lucky #11th Rottweiler)

Intermediate/Workshop Group Class
Next Start Date: January6th @11am
​​*Must have been through the I Speak Dog Puppy/Beginner Course.
Cost for 5 workshops is $400

  • Typically 10-40 dogs in a class​
  • Classes last 45-60 minutes (the dogs let us know)
  • Expands on the Handler & Dog "Team"
  • Works to build trust through directions 
  • Teaches how to sharpen your timing and technique
  • ​Helps dogs to habituate from other dogs unless given permission. 
  • A Focused Based Heel with direction and pace 

​​In Memory...

You were my first choice when you were born and wow was I right! Best Working Dog I've ever had! Just loved to work and work and work...and made me work too! 

RIP Choiceee I miss you!


"Simpatico" 3 - dogs

2023 - Chapparosa Park 

Intermediate Workshop

"The Gauntlet" - 51 dogs in class

2022 - Lantern Bay Park - Dana Point, CA

Puppy/Beginner Group Class
Next Class Series: January 6th @9am
First class in series is always FREE with no obligation to insure its a good situation for you and your dog.
Cost for the 5 class series: $400

  • Typically 10 - 30 dogs in any Puppy/Beginner Class (Can have more)
  • Classes last about 1.5-2 hours
  • 5 consecutive Saturdays in a row
  • ​2nd set of vaccinations required or a titer test
  • Rabies required in dogs with adult teeth fully in
  • ​Gets dogs used to the environment at a realistic pace so they don't become fearful and learn to trust the handler
  • ​Can repeat the course at no cost
I Speak Dog - Dog Training Group Classes Dana Point

Group Class Price List

I offer a variety of services, including dog sports training, show handling, and for dogs with serious issues. I'm also available for nutrition consulting, and can provide guidance on starting a dog business or purchasing a breeder/puppy. If you need help dog-proofing your yard, or require an expert witness for aggression-related court cases, I'm here to help.

But most importantly, I specialize in Canine Education.

In addition, I offer Service Dog Training for specific needs such as deafness, mobility, scent discrimination for allergies, panic attacks, and seizure alert. Please keep in mind that the time (if at all) it takes to train your dog will depend on their individual abilities, so it's important to be realistic about your expectations.

Please contact to discuss if you have a special case.

Other Training & Behavior Services

I Speak Dog is proud to offer Group Classes that are designed to socialize your pups and dogs while also helping them learn obedience and manners. With 19 years of experience of teaching group classes, I have developed a proven curriculum that is perfect for puppies and adult dogs alike. My Puppy/Beginner lecture course is specifically designed to help your dog become more comfortable around other dogs and learn how to ignore them when necessary. I prioritize safety and therefore, nose-to-nose greetings or play are not allowed unless it is part of a specific teaching lesson. By teaching your dog how to ignore other dogs and focus on you, they will pay more attention to you throughout the class. I will also explain the long term effects of  this in class, so you can better understand your dog's behavior.

My Intermediate class is a Workshop that builds on the knowledge learned in the Beginner series. After graduating from the Beginner series, you and your dog will be ready for the next step. The Intermediate class is designed to create a bonding experience between you and your dog while also reinforcing the iSpeak Dog! teachings. We use AKC Rally and Agility as well as Focused Based Heeling to help your dog learn new skills and push their limits each week. Unlike the Beginner series, the Intermediate class does not have a specific curriculum. Instead, I tailor each class to the specific dogs that attend and work on skills that are most relevant to them. The Workshop class allows you to challenge your dog a little harder each class and achieve your training goals in a fun and supportive environment. Come and join Group Classes and see the difference it can make in your dog's behavior and socialization skills.

Puppy/Beginner Curriculum taught one on one (+ famliy)

$1500 for 5 sessions (sessions are about an hour)

​In Memory...

Out of all the dogs I have met along the way....none has ever compared to you. You taught me so much about reading other dogs and behavior. I think about you every day.! You proved yourself over and over and over.  Until I see you again!

RIP Baj I Miss you! 


Special Services

To learn more about my experience and creditials as well as my methods.


Introducing "TrioTrain" - a unique mini group dedicated to improving on-leash handling around other dogs in a controlled environment. This specialized training program is designed for three to four dogs and their handlers, who will work together to achieve a common goal: reducing frustration when approaching and passing other dogs.

Whether it's due to a desire to meet, a tendency to challenge, aggression, or fear, frustration around other dogs can be a significant issue for many dogs and their owners. That's why Trio Training focuses on creating a positive and supportive environment where dogs can learn how to behave appropriately around other dogs.

Through structured exercises and techniques, TrioTrain helps dogs and handlers develop the skills and confidence they need to navigate encounters with other dogs calmly and confidently. By working together in a group setting, handlers can practice their skills in a controlled and safe environment, with the support of experienced other teams of Handler & Dog.
If you're looking for a fun and effective way to improve your dog's on-leash handling skills and reduce frustration around other dogs, TrioTraining may be something you want to try. 

I offer all of the AKC pet canine titles. Please visit www.AKC.org for more information on these programs.

  • Taught at a location of your choice*
  • Proper set up for a puppy for potty training & crate training
  • unlimited calls & texts for guidance between sessions
  • emergency visit (if needed)
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation (see below)
  • Guaranteed on the calendar each week
  • Upgrade: add on group class for $300($100 off) ask about unlimited

*within my service area

​Curriculum is catered to your individual needs and lifestyle.

I understand the importance of building a strong bond between pet owners and their pups. With over 23 years of experience, every single day has been dedicated to understanding different types and behaviors of dogs. My goal is to teach pet owners how to train their dogs and reinforce positive behaviors through a variety of techniques and tools. I provide extensive knowledge of dog behavior, instincts, health, and nutrition, while also offering specialized techniques for unwanted behaviors like excessive jumping, mouthing, and barking. I'm also equipped to handle any dogs, from pulling on the leash to aggression. My approach is to reward good behavior and redirect unwanted ones, all while bridging the communication gap between dog language and human language. Please reach out with any questions. 


*Must have had a private lesson and worked on handling techniques and timing

Cost: $150

As a Behaviorist, I understand that every dog has unique needs, personalities, temperaments, and confidence levels. After about 20,000 dogs trained plus 11,000 that I have done temperament evaluations for, my experience has taught me that providing dogs with a sense of purpose is crucial for their well-being. Therefore, I believe that giving dogs a job should be the primary objective of any training program. Clear communication is also essential for effective training. Yelling or being harsh is not an effective way to communicate with dogs. Instead, motivation techniques with clear communication and trust to teach dogs boundaries and consequences, which helps them understand the world around them.

Private Training Price List

AKC (American Kennel Club)

Certified Testing Evaluator

Group Classes

TrioTrain Pricing

Puppy/Beginner Group Class 


"Instruction" - 56 dogs in class

​Lantern Bay Park - Dana Point, CA

Standard Individual Rate

$150/ 30 min Session

$275/ 60-90 min

  • Access to private pages and media
  • Access to Apply for Dee Dog Park
  • Any Issue - Any Breed - Any Age 
  • Multiple dogs ok

​Maintenance Packages




  • Guaranteed on the calendar each week
  • Typically an hour
  • Can be for any Training that I offer
  • ​Unlimited texts and calls

To learn more about my experience and creditials as well as my methods.

Private on leash reactivity - 2022

Heisler Park - Laguna Beach, CA

  • 1 hour  at public locations
  •  Handling workshop
  • Fearful dogs learn that dogs aren't a threat 
  • Aggressive dogs learn to ignore other dogs
  • Excited dogs learn to relax when dogs are around
  • ​Builds the Handlers confidence in their abilities to control their dog. 

​​Private In-Home Training


"harmony" - 4 dogs 

2023 - Heisler Park - Laguna Beach, CA

 Int. Ch. Multi V-1, Multi BOB, Multi BOG

​First "Choice" von der Stark

BH, IPO-1 (94-95-94), HIT(s), RN, TDI, CGC, CD

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

 OFA Heart - Normal (Cardiologist)

 OFA Eyes - Normal (Opthamologist)

​4/24/08 - 11/22/2018 (Lucky #7th Rottweiler)